Syndesis looks awesome. Who is it for?

Anyone that wants to integrate services. Syndesis includes a swish UI that enables the user to design integration flows and manage them from their browser.

No coding required… Unless you really want to and then Syndesis allows you to dive into the code, develop your own connectors (if one doesn’t already exist), or hack on the integration definition directly.

How to read logs?

Logs are currently visible only at infrastructure level, not via the web ui. You can get a list of the pods running in Syndesis with the command: oc get pods -n myproject. To read logs from command line, you can then invoke: oc logs <POD_NAME>

If you need to read logs from an instance of a dead/stopped pod, you can use: oc logs -p <POD_NAME>

How to read the configuration files that are generated by the UI tool?

If you are a developer and you want to check the configuration files corresponding to the Integration that you have designed in the web ui, you can access them with one of the following commands: - oc cp myproject/<POD_NAME>:/deployments/project-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar prj.jar - oc rsync <POD_NAME>:/tmp/src /location/on/your/host

In case your specific error prevents the jvm process (and the pod) to stay running you can still extract files from it.
There are multiple ways to do that. The easiest one is to start a debug instance of the same failing pod, that won’t run your application but that will just create the whole containerized “environment” and attach it to a sleep invocation.

# in a separated shell run, the default lifespan of this debug container is 1h
oc debug dc/<INTEGRATION_NAME>

# now you can use one of the approaches described above
oc cp myproject/<POD_NAME>:/deployments/project-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar prj.jar

# when you are done, you might want to just close the debug pod

In this file you will find the following configuration files:

  • BOOT-INF/classes/syndesis.yml
  • BOOT-INF/classes/mapping-step-*.json

How to clean a local minishift installation ?

After a while of local test and debugging you may end up with your local environment filling up the dedicated space. If you’re using the syndesis CLI then you will need to login with admin privileges to your local cluster and execute the clean up command:

# Login as admin
oc login

# Remove the completed pods
syndesis dev --cleanup

Where can I find the server public API documentation?

You can find openapi spec by accessing to /api/v1/openapi.json from your base host, ie (https://syndesis. You can choose to view either in json or yaml format. Older versions of Syndesis use swagger format. In such case you can access to /api/v1/swagger.json instead.

Is oscerd a bot ?

This is asked very often. No, he’s human. His mom got him tested.