Administrator tasks

This chapter describes typical administrative tasks and processes for the Syndesis administrator.

Monitoring integration metrics

This chapter describes Prometheus configuration for metrics collection in Syndesis.

Configuring an external Prometheus instance to monitor Syndesis

When configuring an external Prometheus it’s best to use the Syndesis Prometheus configuration as a template. The default Syndesis Prometheus pod has the following configuration:

  • Scrape interval is set to 5 seconds:

        scrape_interval:     5s
        evaluation_interval: 5s
  • A scrape config job called integration-pod with kubernetes service discovery configuration that configures it to scrape pods in the ${OPENSHIFT_PROJECT}, which is typically syndesis namespace:

 - job_name: integration-pods

          - role: pod
                - ${OPENSHIFT_PROJECT}
  • A relabel config that only scrapes integration pods with the label set to true. The metrics_path and address labels, which are used to scrape the jmx exporter in the integration pod, are set using values from and labels. And finally adds pod labels and annotations as Prometheus labels, and creates kubernetes_namespace and kubernetes_pod_name labels:

          - source_labels: [__meta_kubernetes_pod_annotation_prometheus_io_scrape]
            action: keep
            regex: true
          - source_labels: [__meta_kubernetes_pod_annotation_prometheus_io_path]
            action: replace
            target_label: __metrics_path__
            regex: (.+)
          - source_labels: [__address__, __meta_kubernetes_pod_annotation_prometheus_io_port]
            action: replace
            regex: ([^:]+)(?::\d+)?;(\d+)
            replacement: $1:$2
            target_label: __address__
          - action: labelmap
            regex: __meta_kubernetes_pod_label_(.+)
          - action: labelmap
            regex: __meta_kubernetes_pod_annotation_(syndesis.+)
          - source_labels: [__meta_kubernetes_namespace]
            action: replace
            target_label: kubernetes_namespace
          - source_labels: [__meta_kubernetes_pod_name]
            action: replace
            target_label: kubernetes_pod_name
  • Syndesis integrations expose a large number of metrics from the JVM, Camel and CXF. To reduce the amount of storage needed for metrics the following metric_relabel_configs is used to filter out metrics that are not displayed in the Syndesis console. Note that the last configuration line explicitly lists metrics to be added in Prometheus metrics store that are critical to the statistics shown in Syndesis web console. So a user provided Prometheus instance MUST explicitly allow these metrics to be collected if other metrics are being filtered.

          - source_labels: [__name__]
            regex: jmx_(.+)
            action: drop
          - source_labels: [__name__]
            regex: jvm_(.+)
            action: drop
          - source_labels: [__name__]
            regex: process_(.+)
            action: drop
          - source_labels: [type, __name__]
            separator: ':'
            regex: context:(org_apache_camel_ExchangesTotal|org_apache_camel_ExchangesFailed|io_syndesis_camel_StartTimestamp|io_syndesis_camel_LastExchangeCompletedTimestamp|io_syndesis_camel_LastExchangeFailureTimestamp)
            action: keep
  • The Prometheus pod itself is also configured to store 30 days worth of metric data using the following configuration in the pod definition:

            - '--config.file=/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml'
            - '--storage.tsdb.retention=30d'